Mother Up!
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Fleeing New York amid a PR scandal, successful and savvy music exec Rudi Wilson takes her two children, Dick and Apple, and goes to the suburbs. Settling in to raise her brood without the help of their father -- who opted to stay in New York with his yoga instructor -- Rudi sets her mind to the task of parenthood. But she finds that she is unequipped to manage her kids and new life, so she turns to a new support system for help. A new pal, Sarah, feels a bit intimidated by Rudi's former urban life buts acts as a guide to challenges of suburbia and parenting. Neighbor Greg, a widower raising his stepson, means well but is clueless. And Rudi's former client, rap star 2BIT, makes frequent visits to seek her advice. More conflict comes in the form of Jenny and Meghan, a too-perfect PTA queen and her sidekick.