My Girlfriend's Boyfriend 2
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A nerdy young man tries to deal with the complications of his new life living with two robots that are in love with each other. When Azhai (Bai Shu) tried to get a robot in the likeness of his girl crush, Penny, he ended up with two robots, Adam (Leon Li) and Eve (Elvira Cai), who fell in love with each other. Although Azhai would like nothing better to get rid of Adam, he can’t bear to throw away the male robot because he is a perfect companion in every way except for the fact that he is competing for Eve’s artificial affections. Meanwhile, a coding malfunction results in Eve exhibiting multiple personalities that puts both Azhai and Adam on edge! “My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend 2” is the second season of “My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend,” a Chinese drama series. Both seasons originally aired in 2017.