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History is rife with mysteries and stories of the unexplained -- from vanishings in the Bermuda Triangle to the lost city of Atlantis -- that have spawned plenty of speculation, but few answers. But with advances in science and technology, can new evidence be brought to light? MysteryQuest will endeavor to use these new theories to uncover the answers to history's most enduring questions. Employing the successful MonsterQuest format, each episode of MysteryQuest will feature a journey to find new clues about a single mystery. Through expeditions to remote locations, MysteryQuest experts will combine their knowledge of science and technology to look at each in a unique way, testing and analyzing the physical evidence. Instead of relying on archival footage, MysteryQuest goes on location to actively seek answers, deploying high-tech gadgetry, cameras, and audio analysis to bring us closer to the truth.
Starring Stan Bernard