Plus & Minus
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Fu Li Gong (Shi Cheng Hao) is a young lawyer who is carving out a promising career for himself at a thriving legal firm. Also working at the company is Zheng Ze Shou (Max Lin). The two have been friends for some 20 years and have grown together – they attended the same kindergarten, school, and now work side-by-side in the same office. What began as friendship slowly grew into a bond closer to brotherhood. And now, as their legal careers get off the ground, the relationship appears to be changing again. They can’t stop thinking about one another. But making the leap from friends to lovers is not a straightforward matter – and many obstacles stand in Cupid’s way! Meanwhile, X (Qilei Zheng) is a long-haired, fun-loving night owl. He works as a bartender in a busy night hotspot. Although a committed creature of the night, his world is turned upside down when he meets his polar opposite in Jian (Matt Lee). The latter operates a laundromat that is only open during the daytime, and prefers to spend his evenings relaxing and sleeping at home. But when these two opposing forces meet, the sparks of romance ignite. Will opposites attract for this duo? “Plus and Minus” is a 2022 Taiwanese drama series.