Skip a Beat
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Gu Yi (Luo Zheng) is the demanding and seemingly cold CEO of the Anxia Group, a successful real estate developer. His personal assistant is the quick-thinking, strong, and independent Qian Jing (He Rui Xian). Together, the CEO and his assistant make a powerful team, and their working relationship allows them to land lucrative contracts with relative ease. They have been working together for several years, and, eventually, their relationship became romantic. But while Gu Yi seems calculating and aloof, he is actually a very troubled individual. A car accident has left him with trauma, and the events of that fateful day haunt his thoughts and dreams. This has left him with deep emotional scars and sometimes extreme mood swings. And that makes him volatile and possessive, particularly toward Qian Jing. For her own part, Qian Jing is also haunted by ghosts from her past. As her boss/lover’s temper becomes more erratic, Qian Jing finds herself unsure as to whether she should stay with him, or walk out for good. With love rivals also on the scene, trouble is brewing for this duo. Can love help them out of this quandary? “Skip a Beat” is a 2023 Chinese drama series that was directed by Jiang Tian Hang.