Tokyo udon factory
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With the motto, “Quick, cheap, and delicious” Tokyo Seimenjo has been serving affordable, delectable udon to customers since the day their doors first opened. With a steady flow of customers and more than their fair share of regulars, the restaurant is clearly a local favorite. But with the manager two months into her maternity leave, and the most reliable of the staff having just quit, the stability of the remaining restaurant staff is deeply shaken. Completely uneasy about their two most reliable members now gone, the remaining staff, Haruto Aoi (Shuntaro Yanagi), Yoshio Midorikawa (So Okuno), Rin Momota (Shiori Akita), and Setsuko Kimoto (Keiko Enoue), aren’t entirely sure what to do next. To make matters worse, the restaurant’s parent company has just sent them a new manager, Kotaro Akamatsu (Hokuto Yoshino). At twenty-seven, Kotaro has all of the confidence of a successful manager, the only problem is, his area of expertise is hotel management, not food service.  Painfully aware that Kotaro has no experience in the restaurant business, the staff of Tokyo Seimenjo are left feeling uneasy, to say the least. Will their new manager find a way to return their beloved restaurant to its former glory or will his awkward mannerism and lack of experience drive them into ruin? A story of noodles and new beginnings, “Tokyo Noodle Factory” is a 2021 comedy drama directed by Keisuke Kondo.