Isekai Izakaya, Nobu
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It’s been a year since former top-chef Nobuyuki Yazawa (Ryohei Otani) and his partner, Shinobu Senke (Rena Takeda), opened their bar, Nobu, in a deserted alley in Kyoto. With the front entrance of the bar mysteriously connected to the world of Aiteria, a parallel universe reminiscent of medieval Europe, Nobuyuki and Shinobu have had to overcome several unexpected obstacles. But having successfully done so, the bar is thriving. Drawn to Nobu for its delicious food and its renowned beer, Toriaezu Nama, people from all over Aiteria flock to the bar. But not all patrons of Nobu are reputable. Drawn by her love of alcohol and sweets, a woman by the name of Ingrid (Miki Mizuno) darkens the door of Nobu. With the appearance of a witch, Ingrid catches the eye of everyone she meets, which soon starts rumors flying. Catching wind of a witch at Nobu, Archbishop Rodrigo (Satoru Matsuo) springs into action, determined to bring her and her associates in before any can escape. Having narrowly escaped trouble with the law last year, Nobuyuki and Shinobu aren’t ready for another showdown with powerful officials. But can they let a seemingly innocent woman be taken from their establishment without a fight? Based on the Japanese light novel series of the same name by Natsuya Semikawa, “Isekai Izakaya Nobu - Season 2” is a 2022 Japanese drama directed by Hiroshi Shinagawa.