Andy Siegel

Andy Siegel was an accomplished actor, noted for his comedic timing in his roles for television shows. Several more television roles followed in the nineties, including stints on "Fired Up" (NBC, 1996-98) and "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" (1996-2003). Additionally, he later acted in the action film "Hot Shots! Part Deux" (1993) with Charlie Sheen. He also lent his voice to "King of the Hill" (Fox, 1996-2009). Recently, he tackled roles on "The Norm Show" (1998-99), "A.U.S.A." (2002-03) and "My Name is Earl" (NBC, 2005-09). He also appeared in "Party Down" (Starz, 2008-2010). Most recently, Siegel acted on "Community" (2009-2015).