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Dean Stockwell

Dean Stockwell

Dean Stockwell is an American actor of film and television, with a career spanning over 65 years. As a child actor under contract to Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, he first came to the public's attention in films such as Anchors Aweigh and The Green Years; as a young adult, he played a lead role in the 1957 Broadway and 1959 screen adaptations of Meyer Levin's Compulsion, a novel based on the true-life story of Leopold and Loeb.\nMore recently, he became widely known for television roles, playing Rear Admiral Albert \"Al\" Calavicci in the 1989–1993 NBC-TV Universal television series Quantum Leap, and Brother Cavil in the Sci Fi Channel 21st-century revival of Battlestar Galactica. He was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for Married to the Mob.