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Dick Wessel

Dick Wessel

Dick Wessel was an American film actor. Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Wessel appeared in more than 270 films between 1935 and 1966. He is best remembered for his chilling portrayal of the ruthless strangler Harry \"Cueball\" Lake in Dick Tracy vs. Cueball.\nModern viewers will remember Wessel for his appearances in the Three Stooges short subjects Punchy Cowpunchers and as Chopper Kane in Fright Night and its remake, Fling in the Ring.\nFrom 1959 to 1961, Wessel co-starred as Carney Kohler in all forty-two episodes of Darren McGavin's NBC western television series, Riverboat, set along the Mississippi River prior to the American Civil War.\nIn 1959, he appeared as police captain Bob Rattigan in the episode \"Rattigan and the Cat\" of the syndicated Border Patrol series, starring Richard Webb. He also appeared in the John Bromfield syndicated crime drama, Sheriff of Cochise. He was cast as Charlie in the episode, \"A Kind of a Stopwatch\" of CBS's The Twilight Zone. He also guest starred in Jackie Cooper's CBS sitcom/drama Hennesey and on Stanley Holloway's ABC sitcom, Our Man Higgins.\nWessel died of a sudden heart attack at his home in Studio City, California, on his 52nd birthday.