Where's Tony?

S1, E5: Where's Tony?

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S1 E5: Federal Agent Jarrod Ragg searches high and low for the absconder Tony Mokbel without success. He gets no help from the state police Purana Taskforce who actually find Tony's absence makes investigating his financial empire an easier task. Tony spends his first days on the run hiding out in the Melbourne suburbs before heading for a farm up country that belongs to one of his drug cooks. Meanwhile the Mexican coke trial concludes in his absence and he's found guilty and sentenced to a dozen years. With additional charges still looming, Tony now feels that his best option is to leave the country. He recruits a canny Greek fella he knows from the gambling clubs and persuades him to organise an ocean-going yacht to spirit him somewhere the Aussie cops will never find him - the question is where? Greece, says his Greek mate, where else?