Modern Royal Weddings
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The pomp, the pageantry; what’s not to love? The technological age has brought with it a growing fascination with the royal family. But there’s nothing quite like a royal wedding that gets the nation united in feverish anticipation. There’s nothing quite like a British royal wedding - lavish ceremonies, glass carriages, ethereal cakes, prancing horses, yards-long wedding trains, diamond tiaras, botanical traditions and thousands of cheering people. It’s always a big occasion that brings a whole country into a flurry of excitement and fascination. Across the globe, people tune in to watch as princes and princesses exchange vows and celebrate their love.From William and Kate, to Harry and Meghan, these nuptials have captured the world’s attention. In recent years, wedding day styles and traditions evolved. Royal couples have put their own modern twist on their wedding ceremonies, and they have all influenced the wedding industry and the way we say ‘I do’ today. These magically modern royal weddings will forever go down as some of the most memorable moments in British history.
Starring Lucy Ernest, Eve Pollard, Dan Wootton
Director Roxane Schlumberger