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If we need further evidence of motion pictures' enormous influence over popular culture, we need to look at the most recent Twilight films. The most watched film in silent history is 1922 Nosferatu and the most imitated vampire thriller is a 7 hours long French film serial Les Vampires. During the long and colorful history of the vampire films, filmmakers have interpreted the cult of vampires in many ways, some emphasizing the primal and ancient instinct of the ungodly, while others using vampires as tools to introduce generic horror and gore. Vampires have been portrayed as rock stars, the next door neighbor, space creatures, melancholic aristocrats as well as sexual predators. This documentary looks at the style and influence of the Lugosi vampires; the Hammer horrors, the comedic, ethnic and foreign interpretation of these old folk stories over the last 100 years.
Starring Les Beigel
Director Janos Balazs