Corey Burton

Corey Burton

Corey Burton began his career in his teens apprenticing for some of Hollywood's original voice actors, including one of the format's founding fathers, Daws Butler. Burton initially secured work as a voice imitator, recreating the late voiceover actor Paul Frees's Ghost Host character for Disneyland's Haunted Mansion Holiday ride. He went on to voice several other Disneyland attractions, as well as original characters for many of the studio's children's records. Although he continued to work regularly with Disney in the 1980s and beyond, Burton also freelanced with a number of other animation studios. In the early 1980s, Burton began character voice work on several popular television series, including the original "The Transformers" Saturday morning cartoon, on which his characters included the Autobot Brawn and the Decepticon Shockwave. Since 1996, Burton has voiced the evil alien Brainiac, Superman's foe in several DC Comics series, including "Superman: The Animated Series," "Justice League," and "Legion of Super Heroes." Since 2001, he has portrayed Count Dooku in the animated outposts of the Star Wars franchise, including the popular "Star Wars: Clone Wars" TV series.

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