John Rue

Rue landed his first TV guest spot on a 2001 episode of NBC's "Ed" (2000-04). However, it would be another three years before he followed it up with a role in the 2004 drama starring Sigourney Weaver, "Imaginary Heroes." Over the next several years, Rue continued nabbing small parts in both movies, such as Martin Scorsese's 2006 mob drama, "The Departed," as well as on crime procedurals, having played four different characters on "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" (NBC, 2001-2011). His first big break came in 2007 when he landed the part of restaurant owner Moe Stubbs on the daytime soap opera "One Life to Live" (ABC, 1968-2013). Rue appeared as Stubbs for three seasons on the show, before having the opportunity to work with Scorsese again on "Boardwalk Empire," which the director executive produced. Rue played the Mayor of Atlantic City on the first season of the 1920s-era gangster series, but did not return for subsequent seasons. Undeterred, Rue took on a recurring role as Chief of Detectives Ed Hines on the CBS police procedural "Blue Bloods" (2010-). Rue appeared on eight episodes of the series from 2011 to 2013, with the show's fourth season debuting in September of 2013.