Michael Rose

With multiple credits under his belt, Michael Rose earned the name of being a talented producer. After obtaining this honor, he worked on "A Grand Day Out" (1997). Rose was nominated for a Short Animation Film BAFTA Award for "Humdrum" in 1998. Rose won a British Short Animation BAFTA Award for "A Close Shave" in 1995 as well as a Short Animation Film BAFTA Award for "Stage Fright" in 1997. Rose continued to focus on film through the early 2000s, producing movies like the Bob Hoskins romantic comedy "Sparkle" (2007). He followed this recognition with producing credits on the Rupert Grint comedic action flick "Wild Target" (2010) , "Chico & Rita" (2012) , and "One Life" (2013), Most recently, Rose worked on the Dorothy McKim animated picture "The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2014" (2014).