Morgan Weisser

The boyishly handsome, stage-trained Weisser began acting as a youngster with an appearance in "City Limits" (1985) and followed with roles as a rollerblading punk in "Prayer of the Roller Boys" (1991) and as Olympia Dukakis' teenage son in the psychological thriller "The Haunted Heart" (1995). Weisser had a starring role in the miniseries "Stay the Night" as a teenager whose mother (Jane Alexander) objects to his affair with an older woman (Barbara Hershey). He has made a number of guest appearances on dramatic series including "China Beach," "Law & Order" and a two-part "Quantum Leap." On the series "Space: Above and Beyond" (Fox, 1995-96), Weisser played a 21st Century military rookie who had enlisted in order to reunite with his girlfriend, a colonist on another planet.