Robert Wisden

Robert Wisden is an English-born, Canadian character actor with a long list of credits,but more fame in his home country than abroad. His career began encouragingly enough, making his film debut in the 1981 action sci-fi movie "Firebird 2015 AD," landing a key supporting part along with successful character actor leads Darren McGavin and Doug McClure. In 1985, he made his television debut as the star of celebrated Canadian director Atom Egoyan's hour-long CBC drama "In This Corner," and then in 1988, he starred in the five-episode mini-series "9B," earning a Gemini Award nomination for Best Performance by a Lead Actor. In 1994, he landed a supporting role in the epic turn-of-the-20th-century war drama "Legends of the Fall" (with Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins), but the other handful of Wisden's '90s film projects--among them the Alicia Silverstone-starring action-comedy "Excess Baggage"--were far less profitable. On TV, Wisden had several recurring roles throughout the decade, mainly on Canadian shows, climaxing in 1999 with a Gemini-winning supporting performance in the hockey biopic "The Sheldon Kennedy Story." In the early '00s, Wisden found a recurring part on the Vancouver-shot sci-fi drama "Jeremiah" and another on the CW's comic book "Smallville" (also shot in Canada), but his TV roles gradually dissipated over the decade. On the big screen, after a nine-year hiatus, Wisden was cast as Richard Nixon in the sci-fi action behemoth "Watchmen." Wisden has also shared his talent as a drama teacher at St. George's School in Vancouver.