CODE Japan: The Price of Wishes
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As a child, Minato Nimomiya (Kentaro Sakaguchi) suffered the terrible loss of both his parents. Growing up without the two most influential people of his young life, Minato’s life was certainly a struggle. Even so, he found the strength to achieve his dreams, eventually becoming a detective for the Kanagawa Prefectural Police. Despite finding success in his career, Minato’s personal life was a mess. Unable to trust anyone, Minato might have spent his entire life alone, had fate not brought Yuka Nanami (Asami Usuda) into his life. Over the five years they were together, Yuka taught Minato how to trust people again. Unfortunately, her lessons were cut short by her sudden and mysterious death.  Determined to find the true cause of Yuka’s death, Minato sets out on a personal quest to uncover the truth. As he searches, he happens upon a mysterious app named CODE, which has the ability to make any wish come true. Could this app hold the answers Minato seeks or will it only lead him further from the truth? As mysterious as it is thrilling, “CODE: The Prince of Wishes” is a 2023 Japanese sci-fi action drama directed by Junichi Mori and Hisashi Kimura.