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When the orphan Ji Ruo Chen (Ma Tian Yu) happens upon a mystical blue stone, he can’t help but be drawn to its power. Unable to resist the temptation, Ruo Chen steals the stone from its rightful owner, completely unaware that in doing so, his life is going to change forever. With the stone in his possession, Ruo Chen is soon mistaken as the heir to the spirit realm and a disciple ready for cultivation. Taken to the spirit realm, Ruo Chen begins his studies under the leader of the Xi Xuan Clan and quickly rises through the ranks. Helped along with way by Zhang Yin Yin (Angelababy), the daughter of one of the sect’s leading members, it would have been only natural for the two to fall in love; and for a while, it seems as if they had. Unfortunately for Yin Yin, Ruo Chen’s heart was captured by fellow sect member, Gu Qing (Xuan Lu), and the two were soon to wed.  Determined to recapture Ruo Chen’s heart, Yin Yin pays a visit to the heavenly nine-tailed fox who agrees to teach her a special skill that will protect her beloved, but at a price. Willing to do whatever it takes to reclaim Ruo Chen’s love, will Yin Yin’s desperate act ultimately bring her eternal happiness or ever-lasting heartbreak? Adapted from the novel of the same name by Yan Yu Jiang Nan, “Divine Destiny” is a 2023 Chinese fantasy romance drama directed by Steve Cheng.