Happy Merry Ending
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Jae Hyun (Byun Seong Tae) is a pianist. One day, one of his acquaintances offers him a regular part-time job as a wedding accompanist. His first instinct is to turn down the offer. But when he sees Seung Jun (Lee Dong Won), the wedding singer and host he would be working with, he quickly changes his mind. Jae Hyun is instantly besotted with Seung Jun, and relishes the idea of performing with him. But Seung Jun is troubled. He suffers from issues and is jaded. He is tired of his job and has lost his faith in romance. He can sense Jae Hyun’s interest in him, but is reluctant to let anyone close to him. But Jae Hyun’s warm and outgoing personality is a draw, and Seung Jun also feels the pull of attraction. As they meet, part, and reunite for more wedding ceremonies, the bond between them begins to deepen. Will their cooperation lead to love – or will mixed emotions derail the path of romance? This drama was based on a web-based cartoon (webtoon) of the same name by Dorae. “Happy Merry Ending” is a 2023 South Korean drama series that was directed by Min Chae Yeon.