One and Only
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Though raised by his brother, the Emperor, Zhou Sheng Chen (Ren Jia Lun) knew from a young age that he wanted to be more than just the Emperor’s brother. Determined to become a loyal and accomplished general, Sheng Chen left his brother’s house at the age of thirteen to begin that noble quest. While the young Sheng Chen was off defending the border, Cui Shi Yi (Bai Lu), the well-read daughter of an esteemed noble family, spent her days being groomed for a life as the Crown Prince’s wife. Despite her betrothal to the Crown Prince, Shi Yi’s life was far from easy. Surrounded by enemies, her family soon became the target of several political schemes which proved devastating. An unfortunate victim of the political unrest, Shi Yi was rendered mute but her misfortune didn’t end there. With the terms of her betrothal changed by the Empress Dowager Regent, Shi Yi finds herself facing an uncertain future. Returning to the capital amid the turmoil, Zhou Sheng Chen is unable to escape his duties to the crown. To quell any lingering animosity between the royal family and the Chi family, Zhou Sheng Chen accepts Shi Yi as his disciple. Despite their differences, master and disciple draw ever closer but their respective sense of duty and honor keep them from exploring the depths of their relationship. Constantly entangled in the turmoil of the palace, will Zhou Sheng Chen and Shi Yi ever be free to live the life they truly desire?   Adapted from the novel “One Life, One Incarnation - Beautiful Bones” by Mo Bao Fei Bao, “One and Only” is a 2021 Chinese romance drama directed by Guo Hu.