Voice in the Rain
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An up and coming fashion designer, Rarin (Mashannoad Suvanamas) is delighted by the fact that her hard work is starting to get noticed. While many wonder what inspires her, Rarin doesn’t often share the fact that the creativity in her work is often inspired by a mysterious male voice that only she can hear, and only when it rains.  While Rarin draws inspiration from the voice in the rain, Tanthai (Naphat Vikairungroj), the man on the other side of that voice, doesn’t share her fondness for their odd connection. A model and actor known throughout both industries for his incredibly good looks, Tanthai would give anything to be rid of the voice he hears in the rain. Little do either of them know that their paths are destined to cross much sooner than either of them could expect. Brought together by work, Rarin and Tanthai begin working on a project that takes them through the rainy season. As time passes, they begin to realize that the mysterious voice they hear in the rain actually belongs to the other. Will this inexplicable connection eventually bring them closer together or will it be the wedge that drives them completely apart? A romantic tale with a fantasy twist, “Voice in the Rain” is a 2020 Thai romantic drama directed by Kritmongkol “Games” Pienthong.