J.F. Lawton

J.F. Lawton

After "Pretty Woman," Lawton found some success as a screenwriter, collaborating with Barry Primus on the little-seen but much praised "Mistress" (1992), co-produced by co-star Robert De Niro. He fared better with "Under Siege" (also 1992) which confirmed the star status of Steven Seagal, cast as a Navy cook on a battleship who must save the world from terrorists and nuclear disaster. "Blankman" (1994) paired him with Damon Wayans who also starred in the title role of a crimefighter who uses his own homemade devices to capture crooks. Most critics found the film devoid of humor and audiences stayed away as well.Using his own name, Lawton helmed and scripted "The Hunted" (1995), a lame thriller about an American businessman (Christopher Lambert) chased by ninja assassins. He was also one of four writers credited with the illogical drama "Chain Reaction" (1996) which laughably cast Keanu Reeves as a scientist who must save the world. He fared much better as the creator and one of the guiding forces behind "V.I.P." (1998-2002), a syndicated adventure series that starred Pamela Anderson.