Menahem Golan

Menahem Golan

After directing for the stage in Israel, Menahem Golan found his way to the US as one of Roger Corman's many young proteges. Upon his return to Israel he and Globus helped build that country's film industry, producing, and sometimes directing, several prestige productions such as "Sallah Shabati" (1964). In 1979, the team moved to Hollywood, taking control of the Cannon group, and in the following decade consistently turned out art-house productions, such as John Cassavetes' "Love Streams" (1984) and Jean-Luc Godard's "King Lear" (1987), critical successes like Barbet Schroeder's "Barfly" (1987), and formula action thrillers including "The Delta Force" (1986) and "Over the Top" (1987), both directed by Golan. The partnership dissolved in 1989 with Golan resigning from Cannon to head the 21st Century Film Corporation and Globus becoming CEO of Pathe International. Menahem Golan died at his home in Jaffa, Israel, on August 8. 2014.