Mark Camacho

Mark Camacho

Mark Camacho is a Canadian actor. He has starred in live-action films, but is best known for his voice acting roles, such as Oliver Frensky in Arthur, Lyle in Animal Crackers, Dad in Rotten Ralph, Harry and Dragon in Potatoes and Dragons, Spritz T. Cat in Samurai Pizza Cats, Gantlos in the Canadian dubbed version of Winx Club, Zob in Monster Allergy, Conrad Cupmann in the Amazon Jack films and Zösky in Kaput and Zösky. He also voiced the character of Jeri Skalnic in Still Life. In the 2007 Bob Dylan biopic I'm Not There, Camacho plays the part of Norman, based upon Dylan's manager Albert Grossman. He was cast in Punisher: War Zone as one of Jigsaw's surviving men. He was married to Pauline Little who is also an actress and they have a son named Jesse.