Brian Boland

Brian Boland

A versatile performer with a background in improvisational comedy, actor Brian Boland became locally prominent in Chicago as a regular performer with the legendary Second City improv group. From 2002 to 2005, he appeared in four of their comic revues while edging into film with a few small parts. His first significant role came in the controversial 2006 mockumentary "Death of a President," playing a Secret Service agent tormented by his failure to prevent the fictional assassination of George W. Bush. There would be no more prominent movie parts for the next four years, but in the meantime Boland continued performing in Chicago improv while becoming a regular presence in radio and television commercials, most notably starring in over a dozen popular commercials as part of a goofy trio of men devoted to Raisin Bran Crunch cereal. In 2010, he took on his biggest film role yet as Daniel Rey, the brother-in-law of demonically-troubled series star Katie Featherston in the horror film "Paranormal Activity 2," a role he briefly reprised in the following year's prequel, "Paranormal Activity 3." 2011 also saw him demonstrate his dramatic range as an abusive policeman in the mob drama "The Last Rites of Joe May." Outside of acting, Boland is a noted fan of his hometown's baseball team the Chicago Cubs.


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