Robbie Gordon

This bassist began performing with vocalist, songwriter, and poet Gil Scott-Heron in the late '70s, first appearing as part of Scott-Heron's accompanying Midnight Band with pianist Brian Jackson on the introspective 1978 Mind of Gil Scott-Heron. Robbie Gordon continued working with this group into the '80s, subsequent to Jackson's departure. Gordon is also featured on Scott-Heron's 1994 comeback album entitled Spirits, on which he shared bass duties with Fima Ephron as well as the album's producer, Malcolm Cecil. The combination of political lyrics and musical influences from both jazz and funk found on these and other Scott-Heron records have been considered highly influential in the development of both rap and acid jazz. It is the latter style that Gordon has gravitated toward on his own, coming up with a superb solo album in 1996. Accurately entitled Still Growing, the CD mixed together a generous portion of Gordon's original compositions with covers of both Scott-Heron and Jaco Pastorius. For several years following this release, Gordon served as an in-house producer for the Acid Jazz label. He has also stepped into publishing ventures, in 2004 producing the book Ordinary Guy by another Scott-Heron associate, Mark T. Watson (aka Malik Al-Nasir). ~ Eugene Chadbourne, Rovi