Breaking Up the Band

Rookie Blue

S6, E 10: Breaking Up the Band

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Andy’s new and complicated reality has hit her hard since the arrival of Sam and Marlo’s baby girl (Ep. 520). The situation is complicated, painful, and no one’s fault – so when the opportunity for Andy to go to Vancouver on a 4-month UC operation arises, she debates whether “pressing pause” would be best for everyone. In the wake of the corruption scandal that rocked 15 Division (Ep. 519) – and on the day of Steve Peck’s hearing – Inspector Jarvis announces that the division is being restructured: some officers will be sent to different platoons, transferred, or promoted to other units. On what could be one of their last shifts together, Andy, Chris, Chloe, and Dov investigate suspicious drug use at an end-of-summer music festival, unraveling a thoughtless revenge scheme that ends in tragedy.