One Good Reason
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Frustrated novelist Wyatt Williams spends his time waxing literary in a local and perpetually-empty watering hole with his good friend, Grace the bartender, as months go by and money from his first and only book steadily runs out. Fate takes a hand, though, when a chance brush with a beautiful stranger leaves Wyatt in possession of her personal journal. Though too cautious to approach her in the moment, the treasure left behind presents an opportunity, and a moral dilemma: an invasion of privacy - the only means through which to return the journal and get his well-informed second chance. A rejuvenated Wyatt finds his new muse in the pages of the journal, and the prospect of a new love and a new book leave much for he and Grace to be excited about, until the lovely subject's stories take a turn for the worse and her last entries take a very dark turn. With so much to say and so little time, Wyatt must retrace her steps through pages never meant for his eyes, searching for clues that will lead him to a woman on the edge, whom he’s never met.
Starring Scott Sawyer, Julia Juhas, Cyndi Carleton
Director Scott Sawyer