The Peanut Butter Solution
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Eleven year-old Michael sneaks into a burned-out house, where he encounters something so frightening that his hair falls out. We never see what he sees, but it has to do with a homeless couple who died in the fire. One night, the couple’s ghosts pay him a visit, bringing the recipe for a “peanut-butter solution” to make his hair grow back. The solution works so well (both for him and his best friend, who applies it to other parts of his anatomy), that Michael’s hair grows out of control. That's when a disgruntled art teacher kidnaps him, along with many other children, and forces them all to make paintbrushes out of it. The soundtrack features Celine Dion.
Starring Mathew Mackay, Siluck Saysanasy, Alison Podbrey
Director Michael Rubbo