Speak Your Mind
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Jacob has a difficult time with his girlfriend Cassie, his new boss Anthony, and his struggling acting career. His prestigious acting teacher Robert Williams advises him to emit an "aura of truth" to level up in the acting game. His trusted therapist suggests he use the "mindspeaking method" to achieve this -- saying everything he thinks at all times, regardless of the consequences. Going all in on his new method, he dumps Cassie, tells off Anthony and quits his new gig, and causes havoc with his acting classmates -- experiencing so much chaos that he's forced to pull back and take stock of the damage he's done. Jacob attempts to learn about how to navigate our divided culture, and begins figuring out how to communicate, apologize, and find some semblance of balance.
Starring Stephen Armstrong Kaszas, Lee Lawson, Gillian Wetherald
Director Cyrus Baetz