Colin Ferguson

Colin Ferguson

And raised in Québec, Canada, Colin Ferguson also moved around as a youngster, living in Connecticut, Hong Kong and England. He launched his career as a stand-up comedian while still attending college at McGill University in Montreal, and later became one of the founding members of Detroit's Second City comedy club in Michigan. Before pursing acting fulltime, Ferguson worked a variety of jobs, including teaching at a high school and working in a department store and on the assembly line at several General Electric light bulb factories. In the late 1990s, Ferguson began landing small roles in a number of Canadian and American made-for-TV movies like "Night Sins" (CBS, 1997) as well as in feature films like the comedy "The Opposite of Sex" (1998), starring Christina Ricci as an impetuous 16-year-old who seduces her gay brother's boyfriend. He also had recurring roles in a variety of dramatic miniseries such as "More Tales of the City" (PBS, 1998). Ferguson worked steadily throughout the 2000s in countless guest roles on such popular programs as "Becker" (CBS, 1998-2004), "Malcolm in the Middle" and "Crossing Jordan," playing mostly police officer, detective or doctor authority figures.In 2003, Ferguson landed what many believed was his breakout role, starring as a cocky and charming bachelor on the sitcom "Coupling" (NBC, 2003), based on the hit British series of the same name about a group of thirty-somethings who are navigating the dating scene. Despite efforts to give it American sensibilities, "Couplings" never took off, with many critics blasting the series as a poor imitation of the award-winning sitcom "Friends" and nowhere near the caliber of its British precursor. After "Coupling" was axed, Ferguson busied himself with appearances in TV movies before he landed a recurring part on "Line of Fire" (ABC, 2003-04), about two rookie FBI agents whose stories paralleled that of a mob boss. A string of TV movies kept Ferguson in the spotlight, which included a lead role in "Confessions of a Sociopathic Social Climber" (Oxygen, 2005), as the love interest of Jennifer Love, and in the drama "Mom at Sixteen" (Lifetime, 2005), as the supportive swim coach of a teenaged mother trying to live a normal life as a high school student.In 2006, Ferguson's struggles to find the perfect, long-lasting vehicle paid off when he was cast as the lead of the hit series "Eureka." As Sheriff Jack Carter, a U.S. Marshall who lives in what is a seemingly normal small town in Oregon, but is actually home to a secret government facility, the seemingly only normal resident of a genius-swamped town, Ferguson found the perfect vehicle for his comedic chops. Particularly endearing and hilarious to viewers was his character's knack for always keeping a youthful curiosity and enthusiasm, despite not always understanding all the strange phenomena that surrounds him. By the fourth season, Ferguson's success on the series opened up new opportunities for the actor, and he was able to direct and produce several episodes on the show.By Candy Cuenco


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