Ramona Marquez

Ramona Marquez

Ramona Marquez has only been acting since 2009, but the child actress became a sensation in Great Britain because of her role as Karen on the BBC sitcom "Outnumbered." Unlike the majority of kid actors trying to perform comedy, little Marquez has won over viewers with her naturalistic line deliveries and ability to say inappropriate things without the precociousness that afflicts lesser child thespians. The show focuses on the parents of three children and their up-and-down comical struggle to keep it all together while navigating life in modern London. Marquez had been spotted by the wife of the show's co-creator, Gary Jenkin, at a birthday party and was eventually cast as the show's youngest daughter. Although the show initially received middling reviews, it started gaining traction in its second season and went on to become one of England's most acclaimed contemporary sitcoms due to its realistic portrayal of family life and, of course, the comic timing of Marquez. The actress would go on to win Best Female Comedy Newcomer at the British Comedy Awards for her performance. She can also be seen opposite Helena Bonham Carter in the television movie "Enid," about the beloved children's auther Enid Blyton; doing voice work for the animated movie "Arthur Christmas"; and playing a young Princess Margaret in the award-winning "The King's Speech."