An Incurable Case of Love
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Mone Kamishiraishi and Takeru Sato are the Hero and Demon King who come together to form the perfect couple. This heart-pounding love story is based on a manga with the same title, written by Maki Enjoji. Mone Kamishiraishi plays the role of Nanase Sakura, who meets a doctor through a fateful accident. She chases after this doctor and becomes a nurse five years later. When she is reunited with the doctor of her dreams, Kairi Tendo, he is completely different from how she envisioned. Takeru Sato plays Kairi Tendo, a super sadistic doctor known as the Demon King, who Nanase has fallen in love with at first sight. This is a never-before-seen story of medicine, love, and adventure between a hero named Nanase and a Demon King named Tendo.