Hello Again!
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In high school, Chang Ke-ai, the top student places a bet with Yang Tzu-hao, a study slacker that if they are admitted to the same university, she will carry his schoolbag for an entire year! As expected, Ke-ai is accepted by her first-choice college but the bet is called off as she has to give up her studies to pay off a family debt. Since then, "Have you attended university before?" becomes the worst regret in her life. Ten years later, Tzu-hao has become Gorgeous Department Store's executive vice president while Ke-ai works as a street vendor who helps her mother sell clothes at a market. When they meet again, will they remember the bet from ten years ago? As Ke-ai joins the department store by chance, will she become a couple with Tzu-hao? How will Tzu-hao's mother torture Ke-ai?