Love Under The Full Moon
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In 2011, a young woman named Lei Chu Xia (Ju Jing Yi) has accidentally discovered some secrets that her boyfriend wanted to keep from her. His angry actions led to her tumbling from a steep cliff...apparently to her doom. But the sky is clear, and the full moon is bright. And the moon’s remarkable power appears to “rescue” her – although it appears to take her into another dimension in the process. The year is now 2021. Lei Chu Xia does not know if she has traveled to a parallel universe or jumped forward in time. But in this new “reality,” she meets a man named Xu Xiao Dong (Zheng Ye Cheng). The time jump has led to her losing her memory, however. Her destiny soon becomes entwined with that of Xu Xiao Dong, and the duo begins to form a close bond – one that may lead to romance. But mysterious figures from the present and past appear intent on derailing this relationship. Could Xu Xiao Dong help Lei Chu Xia discover the truth about what happened to her? “Love Under the Full Moon” is a 2021 Chinese drama series that was directed by Li Hai Shu and Huang Yan Wei.