My School President
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Gun (Fourth Nattawat Jirochtikul) is the head of his high school music club, and the lead singer of a band named Chinzhilla. Attending the same school is Gun’s long-term rival Tinn (Gemini Norawit Titicharoenrak), the Principal’s son. The Principal wants to disband some of the school’s “useless” after-school clubs. Top of the list is the music club, particularly after an embarrassing event in the past that gave the school a bad name. Gun can sense that the Principal wants to put an end to his club, so tries to run for the position of student council president. Unfortunately, he ends up running against Tinn, who wins the contest. Per school rules, the student council president has the power to dissolve after-school clubs. Gun is now at Tinn’s mercy, so attempts to do whatever he can to persuade his rival not to cancel the club. He hopes to prove the club’s worth by winning an upcoming talent contest, knowing that even this might not be enough. Little does he know, Tinn actually has a secret crush on him. Could romance brew as Gun makes a desperate attempt to secure the future of his band? “My School President” is a 2022 Thai drama series that was directed by Au Kornprom Niyomsil.