Ode to Joy 3
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The 22nd floor of an apartment complex in a busy district of Shanghai, China is a very lively place! The apartments on this floor have female occupants, and as they all settle into the accommodation, they start to get to know one another – and support one another, despite coming from different backgrounds. First, there’s Zhu Zhe (Zhang Jia Ning), a hotel manager who is starting to become concerned that her lack of an outstanding academic background is halting her progression up the career ladder. Sharing one of the flats are friends Yu Chu Hui (Li Hao Fei) and He Min Hong (Zhang Hui Wen). The former thinks she has the world all figured out, but soon realizes that life doesn’t always bend to her will. The latter has a heart of gold, but – despite her best intentions – sometimes ends up causing trouble when she was only trying to help! Ye Zhen Zhen (Maggie Jiang) is just getting started in her career as a biologist. But while she used to enjoy a range of privileges growing up, she soon discovers that the world of work can be unforgiving. And making up the quintet is the mysterious and glamorous office worker Fang Zhi Heng (Yang Cai Yu). Nobody can quite make her out, and she behaves strangely at times, but when the others get to know her, it turns out that Fang Zhi Heng has surprising depth to her personality. Initially, as they get on with life and love, they are wary of one another. But over time, these five women start to realize they have a lot in common! “Ode to Joy 3” is a 2022 Chinese drama series that was directed by Jian Chuan He.