Sword of Legends 2
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Growing up, Yue Wuyi (Fu Xin Bo) always admired the actions of the legendary hero, Xie Yi (Ken Chang). Wanting to be just like his hero, Wuyi leaves home, setting out on a journey that will ultimately lead him to his lifelong hero. Along the way Wuyi meets an odd assortment of characters,  including the strong warrior Wen Renyu (Ying Er), the monk Xia Yize (Aarif Rahman), and the mysterious Ah Yuan (Jiang Wen). Joining Wuyi on his journey, the four are soon beset with danger as dark forces emerge, seeking to destroy the world of men. Given the task to save humanity, Wuyi and his friends must find the ancient sword, Zhao Ming, and save the world from the dark forces that seek to destroy all of humanity. Adapted from the role playing video game of the same name, “Sword of Legends 2” is a 2018 fantasy adventure drama directed by Cai Jingsheng.