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To Kill a King

To Kill a King

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1645: After years of bloody civil war, the Puritans have overthrown King Charles I and two heroes have emerged from the war Lord General Thomas Fairfax and his deputy General Oliver Cromwell. Operating covertly with a faction of Parliament, Fairfax and others agree to return the King to power in exchange for valuable gifts and the promise of favor, but their plan backfires, implicating the King. Horrified to learn that Cromwell plans to put the King on trial with no hope for pardon, Anne, Fairfax's wife connives to help the King escape. They cannot run for long, however, and the single-minded Cromwell tracks them down, with the Kings death warrant already signed. With the King dead, Cromwell's puritanical regime spirals out of control. His armies spread violence and fear throughout the country, and Fairfax realizes Cromwell must be stopped, and their bond as two loyal comrades-at-arms irreparably broken.
Hauptdarsteller Tim Roth, Dougray Scott, Rupert Everett
Regisseur Michael Whalen