Ehren Kruger

Ehren Kruger

Audiences would next see the results of Kruger's work in John Frankenheimer's actioner "Reindeer Games" (2000), starring Ben Affleck, Gary Sinise and Charlize Theron. A cleverly scripted crime thriller with countless mistaken identity plot twists and an unforgettable climactic scene featuring Santa suit-clad gun-toting robbers, "Reindeer Games" had a good sense of humor and an enjoyably relentless pace, although its box office showing was much less exciting. Next his feature length script for the gripping futuristic sci-fi film "Impostor" (2000, originally shot as a 40-minute short) about a scientist accused of being an alien spy hit the big screen. In 2002, he contributed to the screenplay for the anticipated revisionist Western "Texas Rangers" A star-studded cast featuring James Van Der Beek and Dylan McDermott and its compelling real-life inspiration -- a 1875 band of teenage law enforcers -- would seem to indicate an audience pleaser. But constant delays in its release had wags wondering if the film would live up to the hype. Should it not do so, Kruger could take some comfort in the demand for his talents. Among the slate of projects to which his name was attached were a remake of the charming fantasy "Bell, Book and Candle," Wayne Wang's China/US government conspiracy gun-running thriller "Dragon Fire" and an adaptation of the oft-filmed John Buchan novel "The 39 Steps" to be directed by Robert Towne.