Bastards: Reparation
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Teacher Majer (Tomáš Magnusek) is released from prison on amnesty. His classmate from elementary school Ivan (Zdeněk Godla), who lives in the Roma ghetto, takes him into his house. Majer has no family. He has no one left, so he accepts Ivan's offer. Ivan tells Majer that he decided to help him mainly because he needs to reopen the school where Majer used to teach and run for a while. Living in the ghetto, Ivan knows the problems of his community and knows that the cancellation of their favorite school has not benefited them. Majer starts reaching out to his former colleagues and especially his pupils to help him. Many of his students also have children of their own. He experiences a number of comical situations with them. However, he has no idea that Dostál (Jiří Krampol), the eldest of the mafia family, is still following him, who knows that Majer has been released and decides to take revenge on his son and grandson.
Starring Tomás Magnusek, Zdenek Godla, Jiri Krampol
Director Tomás Magnusek