Aaron Altaras

Aaron Altaras

Aaron Altaras is a German actor. Altaras was born in Berlin, the son of Adriana Altaras and Wolfgang Böhmer. Altaras' mother, a Croatian Jew, was forced to escape Croatia with her parents, Jakob and Thea Altaras, because his grandfather had been politically persecuted by the League of Communists of Croatia. His mother is an actress, theater director, and writer, and his father is a composer. He has a younger brother, Leonard. Altaras attended the Heinz Galinski elementary school in Berlin. During his education at Heinz-Galinski he was discovered by a casting team for the movie Mogelpackung Mann. In 2006 he began attending the gymnasium Jüdische Oberschule Berlin (Berlin Jewish High School). Altaras achieved nationwide attention with the lead role in the ARD TV movie Not All Were Murderers based on the childhood and youth memories of Michael Degen, German actor and writer who survived the Nazi regime as a Jewish boy in Germany.