Atze Schröder

Atze Schröder

German actor and comedian Atze Schröder remains best known for his long-running sitcom smash Alles Atze. Born Hubertus Albers in Emsdetten he was a celebrated gymnast as a teen, and began his professional career as a dance instructor. His physical prowess later served as a vital component of his standup career, which launched in 1995. A breakout performance at the annual Köln Comedy Festival vaulted Schröder into the German pop culture consciousness, and his regular appearances on the RTL network talk show T.V. Kaiser further expanded his growing fan base. The 2000 premiere of the RTL sitcom Alles Atze rocketed Schröder to superstardom and transformed his signature line "Ja nee, is klar" into a national catch phrase. Over the course of its six-year production run, the series won two Germany Comedy Awards for Best Series and in 2003 earned the German Television Award for Best Sitcom. In 2004 he made his feature debut in 7 Zwerge, and also co-owned the Quatsch Comedy Club with fellow funnymen Michael Mittermeier and Thomas Hermanns. After returning to the standup circuit, Schröder issued his first LP, Die Live: Kronjuwelen, in 2006. ~ Jason Ankeny, Rovi