FM Einheit

The "chief machinery operator" for German industrial terrorists Einstürzende Neubauten from the band's inception in 1983, F.M. Einheit has had plenty of time to record side projects between his group's usually relaxed release schedule (one which also permits bandmate Blixa Bargeld to play with Nick Cave's Bad Seeds). Einheit recorded his first project, 1990's Stein, just after the sessions for Einstürzende Neubauten's Haus der Luege. Then he formed a band -- confusingly named Stein -- with Ulrike Haage and Katharina Franck of the Rainbirds; the project released Steinzeit in 1992 and Königzucker two years later; in the meantime, he released his second proper solo album, Prometheus/Lear, in 1993. With poet Andreas Ammer, Einheit recorded the Radio Inferno LP (which also included the talents of DJ John Peel and guitarist Caspar Brötzmann) and recorded again with Brötzmann on the album Merry Christmas in 1995 and left Neubauten during the sessions for Ende Neu due to a lack of creative interest in the project. Einheit returned in 1997 with Sensation Death for Invisible Records. One of his major projects post-Einstürzende Neubauten was forming the band Gry with vocalist Gry Bagøien from Denmark. They released two albums: The Touch of E! (1998) and Public Recording (2000, featuring Pan Sonic and former Neubauten bandmate Alexander Hacke). Crashing Aeroplanes with Andreas Ammer followed in 2002. Einheit began collaborating, writing and scoring various theater and radio plays over the next four years. He also created his own label, FM 451 to reissue his catalog works. He returned to recording in 2006, releasing Echohce in collaboration with Jamie Lidell, David Link, Saskia v. Klitzing and Volker Kamp, followed by The Sallie House with Michael Esposito in 2008 and No Apologies with Hans-Joachim Irmler the following year. Evol/Ve with Massimo Pupillio was issued in 2010. In 2011, Einheit collaboration with Irmler again. The album, entitled Spielwiese 3 -- a further chapter in the latter's soundfield explorations -- included German multimedia performer Ute-Marie Paul and American composer and bassoon player Katherine Young. Over the next two years, Einheit did the occasional experimental live performance with former Einstürzende Neubauten bandmate Hacke, as well scoring for film and theater. In 2013, he cut the electro-acoustic offering Terre Haute with En Esch (formerly of KMFDM) and Mona Mur. Einheit joined forces with experimental Italian guitarist, electro-producer, and sound designer Eraldo Bernocchi and London-based cellist Jo Quail on Rosebud, issued by RareNoise, delivering a compelling mix of ambient and industrial music. ~ John Bush, Rovi