Ryan Cutrona

Ryan Cutrona

Ryan Cutrona is an American actor. Cutrona has played supporting roles in several films and numerous television series. A majority of his roles are military parts due in large part to his background; Cutrona's father was Joseph F. Cutrona, a General in the United States Army, and he was born at West Point, spending much of his life around the military.\nCutrona has played numerous supporting roles in several popular television series such as Gene Hofstadt in Mad Men, Admiral John Smith in 24, CIA Director George Rollie in The West Wing. He played the role of Chuck Rampart in the cult horror film, Shark Attack 3.\nCutrona has been a recurring cast member of Joe Frank's radio programs. He also starred in a television commercial for the travel site Kayak.com in late 2009 which satirized his military roles.