Eddie Jemison

Eddie Jemison

Jemison paid his dues by appearing in several low-budget features that remained unknown to the general public. One exception was "Schizopolis" (1996), directed by Steven Soderbergh. In this absurdist workplace satire, Jemison played Nameless Numberheadman, an office worker who babbles his paranoid delusions to Fletcher Munson (Soderbergh). In another nameless role, he played a Museum Worker in the horror thriller "The Relic" (1997), a poor man's "Alien" set in a Chicago museum-a flop by any standard. Meanwhile, Jemison was finding regular work on the small screen, appearing in episodes of "Judging Amy" (CBS, 1999-2005), "CSI" (CBS, 2000-15), "Strong Medicine" (Lifetime, 2000-05), and "Six Feet Under" (HBO, 2001-05). In 1996, Jemison-a singer, songwriter, and guitarist-formed the power pop band, Love Kit, with second guitarist Rich Sparks, a former band mate of Jemison's in the group Silver Drag. Both lively and melodic, Love Kit made three albums-10 Milligram Day, Who's Afraid of the Radio Tower?, and The September Heads-before bassist Ellen Phillips and drummer Tim Ford left to pursue other interests. Before the break up, Love Kit performed with Susanna Hoffs and Corey Glover, and had a successful tour in the U.K. Jemison continued acting while playing music, appearing as electronics expert Livingston Dell in the remake of the Rat Pack casino caper, "Ocean's 11" (2001). He reprised the role in the sequel, "Ocean's 12" (2004), though like most of the supporting cast he was underutilized in the film.