Anna Faris

Anna Faris

Anna Kay Faris is an American actress and producer. She has been mainly recognized as a comedic performer for her appearances in numerous comedy films throughout her career; Faris has been called by the media one of the \"most talented comic actresses\" of her generation and New Yorker writer Tad Friend once described her as \"Hollywood's most original comic actress\".\nHer breakthrough came with the role of Cindy Campbell in Scary Movie. A big commercial hit, it spawned a film franchise and established Faris as a notable actress in comedy. She appeared in the subsequent three sequels of the movie, with her last appearance being in the fourth installment, released in 2006. During the early-mid 2000s, she played supporting roles in dramatic pictures such as Lost in Translation and Brokeback Mountain, and appeared in various comedies, including The Hot Chick, Waiting..., Just Friends, and My Super Ex-Girlfriend. She received critical praise for her role in the indie black comedy Smiley Face and then starred in the Playboy-themed movie The House Bunny which was billed as her star vehicle and earned her a MTV Movie Award nomination for Best Comedic Performance.