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Murray Alper

Murray Alper

Murray Alper was an American actor.\nMurray Alper worked on Broadway from 1927 to 1940 in a number of shows including: The Wild Man of Borneo, This is New York, Broadway Boy, Sailor Beware! and Every Man for Himself.\nAlper appeared in more than 200 films and TV series from the 30s to the end of the 60s. Quite often his work was uncredited and he never received a top billing in one of his movies. His first known screen credit was in The Royal Family of Broadway a part he had already played on Broadway in 1927/28.\nIn The Maltese Falcon; he plays a friendly cabbie who drives the character Sam Spade played by Humphrey Bogart during a mid-film wild goose chase. His biggest role should have been the part of Gus Smith in the Alfred Hitchcock film Lifeboat in 1943. Due to his becoming ill right before the start of shooting in August he was replaced by actor William Bendix. However he worked for Hitch on three other movies Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Saboteur and Strangers on a Train.\nFrequently seen in comedies, Alper was featured in the Three Stooges' Tricky Dicks and The Outlaws Is Coming. One of Alper's least characteristic roles was the judo instructor in Jerry Lewis' The Nutty Professor.